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Gas specialists since 1901.

Mendota’s award-winning gas fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts and gas stoves are designed and built by the Mendota Hearth division of Johnson Gas Appliance Co. For more than 100 years, Johnson Gas has been a leader in gas technologies. Founded in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 1901, that’s where the headquarters of our family-owned company remain today.

In addition to quality hearth products, Johnson Gas designs and manufactures a diverse range of gas-powered appliances. Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Boeing and General Electric use our line of heat treating furnaces to make everything from automobiles to appliances better and safer. We also manufacture heat treating, metal melting and soldering furnaces for industry and school shops.

And through our Concrete Curing division, more than 10 million cement blocks and tons of concrete pipe are cured every day with Johnson steam curing systems.

Building on our history of creating highly efficient and reliable gas products, we put that knowledge into every Mendota hearth product we make. You can be confident your Mendota fireplace will provide you with a lifetime of comfort—and luxury where you live.

Crafting America’s Luxury Fireplaces

Mendota luxury fireplaces are custom built in limited numbers by Johnson Gas Appliance Co., a leading producer of high-quality gas furnaces since 1901. When you choose a Mendota hearth product, you benefit from a century-old family tradition of craftsmanship and gas technology.

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