Lopi Leyden Wood Stove

Lopi knows people like choices when picking their wood stoves.  That’s why the Lopi Leyden wood stove is so special.  For those of us who don’t want to bend over to load our wood stove, there is the top loading Leyden wood stove.  That’s a real bonus for those tall people who want to avoid stooping over.  For those who don’t mind the bend and load, there’s the front loading Leyden wood stove.

But no matter which one you choose the solid cast iron or steel construction the Lopi Leyden wood stoves are built to last and with a convenient sliding ashes tray clean up is easy.

The design of these Leyden wood stoves has been set up to maximize the effectiveness of the wood burning.  So you’ll get more heat out of less wood.  And with a large capacity woodbox (it holds 65 pounds of wood) you’ll spend more time enjoying the fire than feeding it.  With burn times of 12-18 hours you have time to spend time with family and friends.  Lopi includes the gloves and poker as part of the package so you’re ready to bank the fire without extra expense. And when you do feed the fire, the design is set up so the smoke doesn’t back up and get in your eyes.

Maybe that’s why when you lift the lid you read the message,  “Love Life.  Live Large.”  The Lopi Company believes it and you will too, when you own a Lopi wood stove.  Lopi wood stoves and fireplace inserts are carried in Lawrence KS at The Fire Place.

Leyden Top Loading Or Front Loading Wood Stove Specs

Leyden Top Loading Or Front Loading Wood Stove Specs

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