Lopi Endeavor Freestanding Wood Stove

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Tired of being told you can’t have a freestanding wood stove because of your home’s construction? The Fire Place has a solution. We call the Lopi Endeavor “the problem solver.”  The Endeavor freestanding wood stove fits in many homes other freestanding stoves can’t.

So if you have a metal fireplace or mobile home your search for a freestanding wood stove is over with Lopi Endeavor.  Other homeowners want a freestanding wood stove for an alcove or stone hearth; again Lopi Endeavor is your answer.

We can’t guarantee you’ll jump out of bed cheerfully, but imagine no more cold morning floors! You’ll wake up on cold mornings to a toasty warm home with your Lopi Endeavor.  Fill your Lopi Endeavor once for ten hours of luxurious and comforting warmth.

The Lopi Endeavor with a fan will comfortably heat a 2-3 bedroom home (up to 1,800 sq. ft.)  The sturdy cast iron construction will last for years with regular maintenance.  The stove has been designed with ease of use and care in mind.

For those romantic evenings you’ll be able to easily watch the dancing flames through the door’s viewing glass.  And best of all for those with busy families the viewing glass is specially designed to stay clean.  This gives you more time to spend with family instead of cleaning.

The Lopi Endeavor is simple to use. No fussing with multiple buttons, or gadgets, the Lopi Endeavor is single air control operation.

With four color choices for the door including steel, pewter, cast black, or cast brass the Lopi Endeavor will fit every home’s decorating plan.

Come visit us at The Fire Place in Lawrence KS for your Lopi Endeavor.

Endeavor Freestanding Wood Stove Specs

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